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What is IFSC


It stands for Indian Financial System Code.It contains 11 digits code with alpha-numeric format .It is use for electronic payments system applications such as RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement).Normally the 11 digits code will be printed on cheque book for NEFT enabled banks and also printed on bank passbook.Also you can find the branch IFSC code ,Address,Bank details,Branch address in India by follow link.
 In IFSC 11 digits code first 4 letters indicates Bank Code,next single digit reserved for future purpose remaining 6 digits are Bank code.
Example :- 
SBIN0000900 SBIN First 4 letters indicates Bank Code,0 Single digit reserved for future purpose,000900 These6 digits are Bank code.

what is Swift code


Swift code contains 8 or 11 characters.SWIFT stands for (Society for World wide Inter-bank Financial Telecommunication),BIC stands for (Business Identifier Code ).Approved by the International Organization for Standardization(ISO).

In 8 digit SWIFT code contains,First four letters for Bank code,next 2 letter represents the Country code,last two digits or letters contains location code.
Example no 1 :- ALLAINBB ALLA means ALLAHABAD BANKIN means country code (INDIA)BB represents location.  Example no 2 :- ALLAINBBWAD
ALLA means ALLAHABAD BANKIN means country code (INDIA)BB represents location.WAD is Branch code.This code is used for transferring the money between banks for international wire transfer and also other messages will transfer. 

Whatsapp contacts not showing in my mobile

In some of the phone not showing the contacts in WhatsApp apps,below given tips to display the contacts.

1. Open the whatsapp app in your mobile.goto the contacts and refresh.

2.If contacts not shown then goto settings. app permission.

4.If permissions not selected. Select the each permission.

5.After selection of options goto WhatsApp app , go to contacts and refresh contacts will display.